Consumer Connect

Connects Brands to Consumers

Consumer Connect

Connects Brands to Consumers

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Your Research Partner

We are operating since 2000 is an independent Market ,social research & Brand activation Company whose passion is to provide best quality of Market research and data collection to our client Nationwide & Asia pacific

We explore market potential and market trends. We test products and advertising. We helps our clients build long term relationships with customers. We study audiences and their perceptions of various media. We measure public opinion trends within India & Asia pacific.

Our focus on quality has helped us establish strong and durable relationships with our valued clientele. Our professionals are always expanding their knowledge base and abilities to help keep Consumer connect competitive .

We provide appropriate Solutions for many Market Sectors such as:

Market sector


Advertising/ Public Sector

Advertising Research


Brand Research


Consumer Research


Concept Testing


Customer Satisfaction Studies

Cosmetics / Hygiene

Demographic Research

Durables/ Electrical Goods

Employee Research


Ethnographic Research

Financial Services

Image Studies


New Product Development

Health-Care/ Pharmaceutical


IT/ Software/ Hardware

Packaging/ Design

Logistics/ Mail/ Transportation

Pricing Studies

Media/ Entertainment

Product Testing

Petrol/ Oil/ Gas

Customers & vendor satisfaction

Retail/ Wholesale

Segmentation Research


Tracking studies

Textile/ Fashion/ Clothing

Usage and Attitudes Studies

Tobacco/ Cigarettes

Mystery Audit

Travel / Tourism / Sport / Leisure

Automotive Clinics

Market Research

Customized Research Services

Data collection

Data Processing

We are a full-service research firm offering a wide range of research services and Marketing communication. Our specialization in providing customized Qualitative and quantitative research with quality data because our specialization in providing customized Qualitative and quantitative research with quality data because Accurate data is the foundation of all successful research studies.
We aim at obtaining the best and most precise information possible.



Excellent Listening ability

Keen attention to detail

Over the years we have developed and successfully applied these skills In conducting extensive market and social research.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is a formal, objective, systematic process in which numerical data are used to obtain information about the world.

This research method is used:

To describe variables

To examine relationships among variables

To determine cause-and-effect interactions between variables.

Face to face Interviews/CAPI

We conduct in home Interviews, face to face, Mall/Street Interviews, in store interviews and exit interviews with the team of trained interviewers fitting every respondent Profile

Mystery Customer

We carry out a series of mystery interviews for various clients in the areas of Retailing Mobile telephony, Banking, Hospitality industry.

In hall test/Central location test/Consumer clinics

We conduct product taste, concept test also handle desired logistic like cars/product for display and venue hire etc.

Telephone Interviews/CATI

Telephonic Interviews /on line interviews.

Web Survey

The web survey is a cost effective way of administering a survey that allows you to collect large amounts of information without having to pay for interviewers, paper supplies or postage, and does not require separate data entry for responses to be processed.

Qualitative research

Produces more in-depth, comprehensive information. Qualitative research utilizes methods that seek to discern the quality - as opposed to the quantity - of its subject. It is, therefore, more often concerned with explaining the why and how of a phenomenon rather than the what, when and where.

Depth Interviews

With extensive experience in accompanied shopping, we also conducted one-on-one. Across a host of business.


Paired depths


Standard Group Discussion {Focus group}

Mini Groups

Peer Groups

Family Groups


Extended Creative Groups

Work Shop {All day/ Half day}


Observation is the way of gathering data by watching behavior, events, or noting physical characteristics in their natural setting.


Involve the ethnographer to participating overtly and covertly in people's daily lives for an extended period of time.

Clinical trial

Clinical Trial is a way of evolution of the product through recruiting volunteer and consumer contact.

Our plans its work with meticulous care and builds workable time from that reflects realistic deadlines. Our project management process ensures that we have total control fieldwork Quality across the region.

Client briefing


Brief Interviewers

Brief Field Management

Conduct fieldwork

Field updates

Clients Updates


Our expertise in Pharma and Health-care sector

At Consumer connect, many years experience in market research, meets with focused expertise in the pharma & health-care sector. Our target group is specialist and general doctors (in practices and hospitals), opinion leaders, chemists, patients and health conscious customers. our interviewer specialist teams of specially trained interviewers and recruiters guarantee a consistently high quality of the studies.

We carry out studies on the following themes:

Pharmaceutical products

OTC (over the counter, prescription drugs)

Medical provisions (business-to-business)

Everything associated with health

Special illnesses

Target Groups

Doctors in practices and hospitals


OTC customers

Medical personnel

Brand Activation & Events

Combined Advertising, Product & Sales Promotion

Fabrication & Branding

Conference & Event Management

Corporate events

Campus promotion

Mall promotion

Rural Activities

Road Show

Parties & Corporate Entertainment

School/college promotion

D2D activities

Events / Exhibition along with trained & experienced manpower